Stories We Tell After Midnight 3

Come! See the Terror Bird! Don’t get too close, though, these animatronics can be tricky.

Look! There on the field! Does that little girl stand a chance against the ghosts of a town’s unspoken past?

What did you find there in the ground, Robin, beneath your shovel blade? Could it be the answer to everything you’ve ever wanted?

From deserted islands to an isolated cabin in the Carolina woods, from an Arizona film set to a small Mexican town, from a bloody riverbank in Vietnam to the coal-choked streets of Cheapside, the Stories We Tell After Midnight series has invited the reader into a world of shadows almost forgotten by the cold glare of the modern world. This, the third and final volume of the series, offers up more tales of revenge, of hunger, and of the false light of redemption—but only to those who once more dare turn the page.

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