New Horror: Memorial Station

Our latest volume in the Midnight Bites series, Memorial Station, is now live! (Or at least, undead.)

In this volume, we have three very different stories that center themes of memory and place.

First, Nicole Tanquary’s story, “The Coming Down of the Cross Road House” begins with a construction company preparing to demo a house … and ends as a meditation on childhood, loss, and the persistence of memory through time.

Next up, in “The Proteus Hotel,” Ben Hennesy takes us to a shoreside resort in Africa, where men from the village scour the beach to rid it of the Use. With luxury lodging and all you can eat, plus extremely generous wages, it’s a wonder that some ungrateful workers take their pay and disappear in the night. At least, that’s what’s left of the memory that lasts pasts the threshold of the night.

And finally, Paul R. Hardy’s lyrical, haunting “Memorial Station.” This was the first novelette that came across my desk in the 2020 submissions period that made me first think of the idea of publishing the Midnight Bites series. It is a raw, yearning ache, a quest, and a reflection on what we do with grief when there is no one left to share it with. 

This volume is dedicated to Paul’s memory; I am very grateful to his family for their permission to continue with our plans to publish.

Thank you, Fiends, for your continued support of our horror endeavors. We would not be able to do this without you. I appreciate your reading our work, the reviews you leave, and above all, being part of the horror fiction community with us.

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