Dear Editor: Maximizing Submission Chances at Crone Girls Press, Part 3

I want you to be confident that you are sending your work to a place where it will fit, and I want to read work that will be the best possible fit. Make my job hard by sending me something that fits the genre and guidelines and punches me right in the face with its terror and disturbing impact.

New Horror – Hard for Hope to Flourish!

Welcome to our latest arrival! It’s a bit of a prickly one, gets in your head and might fester there for a while, bringing shadows and uncertainty as it stays with you… Doesn’t it sound fantastic? Hard for Hope to Flourish, our latest volume in the Midnight Bites series, is a three-novella mini-anthology featuring storiesContinue reading “New Horror – Hard for Hope to Flourish!”

New Horror: Mother Krampus

A couple of weeks ago, I shared a meme to the Crone Girls Press Facebook group. It was a picture of a female Krampus, with a little note about how this mythical figure went around rounding up bad men instead of naughty children. It was a fun meme and relatively on brand for the group,Continue reading “New Horror: Mother Krampus”