New Horror: Mother Krampus

A couple of weeks ago, I shared a meme to the Crone Girls Press Facebook group. It was a picture of a female Krampus, with a little note about how this mythical figure went around rounding up bad men instead of naughty children. It was a fun meme and relatively on brand for the group,Continue reading “New Horror: Mother Krampus”

Dear Editor: Maximizing Submission Chances at Crone Girls Press, Part 2

Following the submission guidelines is a good way to get past the first round of reading. It removes any of the unintentional stumbling blocks and distractions, and tells me the writer is serious and professional about their work.

Dear Editor: Maximizing Submission Chances at Crone Girls Press, Part 1

For those who have been hanging out in the Crone Girls Press Facebook group, the question of submissions has come up more than once. In addition to the quick submissions calls (like our recent one for a female-Krampus-themed Midnight Bites), I find that readers and authors often want to know more information about the submissionContinue reading “Dear Editor: Maximizing Submission Chances at Crone Girls Press, Part 1”

Meet the Author: Laura E. Price

When I think about writing horror, I imagine looking for the center of a shadow. The part of a monster that lets you understand it is an interesting part. Especially if you understand it, but still recoil from it. That’s the tiny still center I look for as I write.

New Horror from Crone Girls Press

By the end of this week, CGP will have published its third full-length anthology of horror and dark fiction, Stories We Tell After Midnight, Volume 2. The twenty-four stories in this anthology invite the reader into a world where a grandmother never stops telling her stories, where the winter ice and snow of a Leningrad under siege reveal the depths of human desperation, and where a grandfather follows the voice of his dead grandson into the Whisper Woods.

Meet the Author: Edmund Schluessel

We live in a terrifying world–one founded on violence, exploitation and oppression. If I’m going to write about the world we’re in, I’m going to end up writing horror. And SF, to be plausible, has to either engage with this fact or talk about how it could be overcome.

Meet the Author: J. Summerset

The worst advice I ever got was “Villains need a reason to be villains.” I reject this idea. There are people who do awful things “just because” all the time. The best advice I ever got, “Write first for yourself.” No matter what story I write, it is for me first. If other people enjoy the ride, awesome! Road trips are more fun with friends.