Meet The Author: Jeff Wood

“Rumpelstiltskin” by Jeff Wood gets to the point quickly and is a fantastic addition to this anthology as it gets the point across that women should not be treated as breeding stock. This fairytale retelling is a masterpiece of an interpretation. Q (Crone Girls Press): Author Interview Question 1: What drove your story for thisContinue reading “Meet The Author: Jeff Wood”

A Woman Unbecoming Cover Reveal!


Edited by Rachel A Brune and Carol Gyzander

Cover: Lynne Hansen

A charity anthology to benefit reproductive healthcare rights, especially for those with a uterus. This anthology is full of stories that are horror with a message. Think — CM Harris’s “A Woman Unbecoming” (originally in Coppice & Brake, reprinted in this volume), Suzy McKee’s “Boobs”, even SK’s Carrie—if the audience is cheering for Carrie instead of fearing her. As feminist, pro-queer, anti-patriarchy as we could get! Not just in story theme, but also in the authors themselves.

This is a Charity Anthology. Money made will become donations. We will split donations 50/50 between two charities that support reproductive health services.

And now… The moment you all have been waiting for!

The COVER REVEAL #CoverReveal

Announcement: A Woman Unbecoming

A Woman Unbecoming

The baying of the hounds under a full moon signals the death of an era–and the birth of a new one under the Old Gods.

Most funerals are celebrations for the living–unless the guests decide to tempt fate and the guest of honor.

A bicycle ride becomes a contest of egos, but the pursuers aren’t the only ones hungry for the race to end.

Welcome to an anthology celebrating women’s rage, power, and agency. Crone Girls Press presents A Woman Unbecoming, a charity project to benefit reproductive healthcare rights.