Meet The Author: Jeff Wood

“Rumpelstiltskin” by Jeff Wood gets to the point quickly and is a fantastic addition to this anthology as it gets the point across that women should not be treated as breeding stock. This fairytale retelling is a masterpiece of an interpretation. Q (Crone Girls Press): Author Interview Question 1: What drove your story for thisContinue reading “Meet The Author: Jeff Wood”

Meet The Author: Michael G. Williams

“The Line” by Michael G. Williams had my eyes glued to the page, wondering what would happen next. It’s a warning against religious cults, but it gives power to one such victim. Q (Crone Girls Press): Author Interview Question 1: What drove your story for this anthology? Tell us the “story behind the story.” A (MichaelContinue reading “Meet The Author: Michael G. Williams”

Meet The Author: Darin Kennedy

“Tom Roan’s Widow” by Darin Kennedy originally appeared in Ghost Anthology, 2013, Dark Hall Press. It fit our theme so well we just had to include it. The small town scenes are expertly written, and it is a good reminder as to why being a stranger, unfamiliar with your location and its history, can beContinue reading “Meet The Author: Darin Kennedy”

Meet The Author: Jessica Nettles

The tingling of bells serves as a warning for this chilling tale. When I read this story, I could so vividly imagine the setting to a point what it felt as if I were there! It is a tale of witchcraft and a reminder that if a sign says to leave, you would do wellContinue reading “Meet The Author: Jessica Nettles”

Meet The Author: Nicole Henning

The howling you hear is from Nicole Henning’s terrifying werewolf story, Under the Moon. This story is as sexy as it is intense, with twists and turns that I didn’t see coming. Grab a cup of coffee and let’s get to the interview. Q (Crone Girls Press): Author Interview Question 1: What drove your storyContinue reading “Meet The Author: Nicole Henning”

Meet The Author: CM Harris

About The Story/Author CM Harris’ A Woman Unbecoming was so amazing it became the namesake of our anthology. It’s a powerful piece that embodied everything I wanted for this anthology. Q (Crone Girls Press): What drove your story for this anthology? Tell us the “story behind the story.” A (CM Harris): I was harassed byContinue reading “Meet The Author: CM Harris”

New Horror – Hard for Hope to Flourish!

Welcome to our latest arrival! It’s a bit of a prickly one, gets in your head and might fester there for a while, bringing shadows and uncertainty as it stays with you… Doesn’t it sound fantastic? Hard for Hope to Flourish, our latest volume in the Midnight Bites series, is a three-novella mini-anthology featuring storiesContinue reading “New Horror – Hard for Hope to Flourish!”

Press Release

Local Savannah Radio Station to Feature Crone Girls Press SEASIDE, CA, March 27–A local Savannah radio station will host horror and dark fiction author Elizabeth Donald March 29. Donald and Crone Girls Press founder Rachel A. Brune will talk to host Adam Messer about their latest release, “Coppice & Brake,” an anthology of dark fiction,Continue reading “Press Release”