Meet the Author: Edmund Schluessel

We live in a terrifying world–one founded on violence, exploitation and oppression. If I’m going to write about the world we’re in, I’m going to end up writing horror. And SF, to be plausible, has to either engage with this fact or talk about how it could be overcome.

Meet the Author: J. Summerset

The worst advice I ever got was “Villains need a reason to be villains.” I reject this idea. There are people who do awful things “just because” all the time. The best advice I ever got, “Write first for yourself.” No matter what story I write, it is for me first. If other people enjoy the ride, awesome! Road trips are more fun with friends.

We picked a hell of a time to launch a horror anthology…

Our authors have tales that will terrify you–but many of these stories will also give you something to think about, may even give you hope. Avra Margariti’s “All the Dead Girls, Singing” makes me cry each time I read it, not only with sadness, but because of the notes of love that transcend death. Jeff Dosser’s “Ghost Story” offers an image of redemption through the power of stories. Voss Foster’s “Eccentric on the Grandest of Scales” is one of the most optimistic dark fiction stories I’ve ever read. And “Cold Dread and Hot Slices” by Spencer Koelle is a portrait of the people who are currently keeping our country together by working the sorts of jobs that ensure people can eat and buy groceries and live. These are just some of the 23 stories you’ll find in the table of contents, stories that I am very proud to include in the anthology and share with the world. I can’t wait for you to read it!