Coming Soon: New Horror from Crone Girls Press!

So, what did you think about our inaugural anthology, Stories We Tell After Midnight? Pretty spooky, eh? Well, guess what?

Yes, that’s right! Stories We Tell After Midnight, Volume 2, our third full-length anthology of horror and dark fiction, will be available October 1, 2020. Read on to learn more!

As a deadly scourge overwhelms the continent, four survivors race to find a last exit out of Australia.
Up in the attic, a bedtime story outlives its storyteller.
A city boy visits his country cousins and stumbles on a terrifying family secret.

From a film set in the Arizona desert, to an overgrown rambling old house in the Florida swamps, to the dusty streets of a small Mexican town, the stories in this volume plunge the reader into the shadows of a world almost forgotten by modern fables of cold science and bright sunlight. They are the brushed over voices who call a warning to those who would comfort themselves in the thought that monsters aren’t real, and those things can’t happen here. Stories We Tell After Midnight Volume 2 offers up tales of revenge, of hunger, and of the horror that stalks you just beyond the glow of your cell phone light, but only to those who dare turn the page…

Table of Contents

Bedtime Tales ~ Nicola Lombardi / trans. J. Weintraub
Baby Gray ~ Gregory L. Norris
Iron Teeth ~ Jude Reid
Victoria ~ Jay Caselberg
Family Line ~ Michele Tracy Berger
Primary Manifestations ~ Laura E. Price
Cameraman ~ Joe Scipione
Seek, Don’t Hide ~ Liam Hogan
Hey Diddle Diddle ~ Jeff Samson
The Cleaning Lady ~ Samantha Bryant
Whisper Woods ~ Eddie Generous
Last Shot ~ Tim Jeffreys
False Confession ~ Joseph Rubas
The Curse of the Cucuy ~ Pedro Iniguez
The Cut-Mouth Woman and Me ~ Elizabeth Davis
(and I feel fine) ~ EJ Sidle
Mouths to Feed ~Solange Hommel
Red Rover, Red Rover ~ Larina Warnock
Cell Phone Lights ~ T.M. Starnes
Lamina ~ Eliza Master
The Terrible Teddies ~ Priya Sridhar
The Thing All These Relationships Have in Common Is You ~ DeAnna Knippling
Field Trip ~ J.L. Knight
The Bugs Come Out at Night ~ Mike Sullivan

Stories We Tell After Midnight, Volume 2, is now available for pre-order on Amazon. If you’d like to stay up-to-date with the latest news from Crone Girls Press, and be notified when SWTAM2 is available for purchase, sign up for our newsletter.

Review copies are available! If you are a reviewer or HWA member, you may request an advance copy of SWTAM2, by dropping a line to:

Stay spooky, my fiends!

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