Meet the Translator: J. Weintraub

Stories We Tell After Midnight 2, our third full-length anthology, is the first time I’ve accepted a work in translation. Working with J. Weintraub to accept and publish Nicola Lombardi’s short story was a pleasure I hope to repeat in the future! In the meantime, read on to learn more. Q (Crone Girls Press): WhatContinue reading “Meet the Translator: J. Weintraub”

Meet the Author: Nicola Lombardi

As our anthology begins, an old grandmother tells her grandchildren yet another bedtime story. And then another. And then another… and another.. and… “Bedtime Tales” by Nicola Lombardi, translated by J. Weintraub, is a short, creepy tale to set the stage for our readers. Q (Crone Girls Press): What do you write? How long haveContinue reading “Meet the Author: Nicola Lombardi”

New Horror from Crone Girls Press

By the end of this week, CGP will have published its third full-length anthology of horror and dark fiction, Stories We Tell After Midnight, Volume 2. The twenty-four stories in this anthology invite the reader into a world where a grandmother never stops telling her stories, where the winter ice and snow of a Leningrad under siege reveal the depths of human desperation, and where a grandfather follows the voice of his dead grandson into the Whisper Woods.