Meet the Author: EJ Sidle

My focus here was more on the survivors finding their way in a strange new world, and on how they form relationships with one another. I like this sort of approach as I think sometimes the emptiness and solitude of something – be it an emotion, a decision or the apocalypse – can be more terrifying and unsettling than seeing the monster directly.

Meet the Author: Tim Jeffreys

With Tim Jeffreys’ short story, “Last Shot,” we return to the world of celebrities and the bold frame of the camera lens. In Jeffreys’ story, a paparazzo gradually realizes that a common thread runs through a series of celebrity deaths… Read on to learn more! Q (Crone Girls Press): What do you write? How longContinue reading “Meet the Author: Tim Jeffreys”

Meet the Author: Jeff Samson

The worst writing advice? It’s a two way tie for first between “write what you know” and “if you aspire to write genre fiction, you’re not a serious writer.” The former is simply garbage. I write largely to explore all the things I don’t know. The latter? I mean, I’m from Jersey. I’ve seen people throw down over words way less harsh than that.